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3 Reasons Why Every Student, Teacher, and Parent Should Check DepEd Commons

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Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Department of Education (DepEd) launched “DepEd Commons,” an online platform that can now be accessed by public school teachers to support remote learning.

And we list three reasons to start with why every student, teacher, and parent should check DepEd Commons. The three are not complicated so enjoy. See also the links at the bottom part of this post that will help you use DepEd Commons.

1) It’s accessible anytime, anywhere with any internet-connected device

DepEd provided alternative learning delivery platforms in lieu of class suspension, such as DepEd Commons. Since its inception last Wednesday, March 17, a total of 1 Million and counting teachers and learners have joined the said online platform, gaining support and praise from teachers as well as parents.

It allows students to continue with their lessons while staying at home by providing online review materials and other educational resources.

2) Parents and teachers can finally be on the same page on topical discussions

Every parent can also be a student. Quality education isn’t just about knowledge being transferred from book to brain. Education is a continuous unending process. Every parent needs to instill this discipline by modeling it to their children.

3) It’s like free Harvard education!

DepEd Commons breaks the barrier of what is available only for the rich kid enrolled in an international school making is accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. The advent of the internet made split-second information transfer possible. So the knowledge and information in this platform can be updated in real-time by the developers which makes it even more relevant to the learner.

Imagine a Harvard professor updating his research in real-time while doing a scientific experiment and he uploaded his data to the server, a student in Batanes can download and utilize the same information replicating the same experiment. How cool is that?


DepEd Commons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Paano magpasa ng inyong mga likhang kagamitang panturo?
DepEd Commons User Guide

If you are ready to take your learning to the next level then click this link DepEd Commons.

DepEd Commons Facebook
DepEd Commons Facebook


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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Every Student, Teacher, and Parent Should Check DepEd Commons”

  1. Genalyn Panilagao Bolisig

    Thanks again for the plans and remedy during COVID 19 calamity that the parents,teachers ,and pupils/students were given task to do .
    Thanks and God bless.

  2. Very useful to teachers, learners and parents. Parents can be an immediate source of information on the topic being discussed particularly if they are knowledgeable with the topic. They can serve as the first facilitator of learning within their home. For the teachers, they can provide better understanding if the learners try to ask their help in certain topic wherein the learners seek more explanation from a teacher through texts, or using the messenger.
    Such endeavor provided by the Department of Education, DepEd Commons, has significant effect over the learners and teachers that make use of their time wisely in this situation we are currently in. God bless the Department of Education in finding ways to reach the learners and teachers in this program- DepEd Commons. Great job!

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