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3 Things most normal people are allowed to do, but NOT teachers

Teachers are merely human. That said, they also make mistakes, get overwhelmed, and at rare moments, get overwhelmed or lose focus. As the proverbial phrase says, “To err is human.”

With that said, there are specific rules laid for teachers that other people don’t necessarily need to follow. These rules are in place to ensure they don’t toe the line, mainly because teachers have more than enough power to affect other people’s futures. The responsibility that comes with this much power is such that it should not be taken lightly, so we rounded this list of things most normal people are allowed to do, but not teachers.

Teachers are not allowed to make bad jokes.

Following the news about one teacher from Tarlac who was arrested for making a nasty ‘joke’ about putting up a bounty amounting to Php50 million pesos on President Rodrigo Duterte, it is easy to say that teachers may not make a very public joke of the same quality. Not that teachers cannot joke around. However, as role models to the young minds under their care, they would have to be careful about making jokes or having fun. That includes any remarks about a student’s skills or parents.

Teachers can’t have visible tattoos,

Just like in any other industry, teachers must mind their appearance. However, being in this field is more onerous than that. Not only are teachers prohibited from wearing revealing clothes for the sake of ethics, but they are also forbidden from having piercings and visible tattoos.

Teachers can’t be insulting, snobbish, or bad-tempered.

Absolutely under no situation are teachers allowed to discourage or crush a student’s morale. As educators, they are expected to not only teach lessons that will be useful in the classroom. That said, it means they need to not only encourage learning in classrooms but also outside. It also means a teacher cannot refuse to answer questions that can extend a student’s learning.

There is a long list of things that teachers cannot do, but ordinary people do regularly. Some may wonder how anybody can deliberately limit their individual choices this way. It could be an outrageous passion to leave a legacy or make a difference. But, one thing that nobody can’t deny is that the life and code of ethics of a teacher transcends that of a regular human being, and it rings true in more ways than one.


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