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Batangas Province Science High School Tops Grade 10 National Achievement Test with Peer Tutoring Initiative

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Batangas, April 2, 2024 — The collaborative efforts and spirit of camaraderie among students, teachers, and the school head at Batangas Province Science High School played a crucial role in achieving the top spot in the Grade 10 National Achievement Test (NAT).

The implementation of Peer Tutoring, where higher grade levels assist lower grades in understanding lessons for 40-60 minutes whenever available, significantly contributed to their performance, especially during school exams.

“They realized that as classmates, they should help each other understand the lessons; no one should be left behind, and they should all progress together in their studies,” stated Mrs. Clarissa Buiser Peniz, Head Teacher II and school head of Batangas Province Science High School.

The school also conducted review sessions for previous lessons and advanced teaching for concepts yet to be taught. Sample test questionnaires patterned after the NAT were provided to familiarize students with the test format.

Project A1DMax, or “All in One Day Maximized,” helped minimize disruptions in lessons by attempting to complete meetings and events within a single day, involving students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders.

Teacher Mentoring sessions were also conducted to facilitate the exchange of instructional techniques, new knowledge, and learning approaches among teachers.

According to Mrs. Clarissa, the recognition they received was a great honor and served as inspiration to their students. “This recognition will once again put the school on the map for providing quality education, especially since almost all students are scholars of the province of Batangas,” she added.

“The honor also inspired students to strive harder to improve their studies and cultivate their talents and skills in various subjects,” she concluded.


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