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Dagupan City Students Bake Bangus and Tilapia-Infused Bread

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Students in Dagupan City have revolutionized traditional food practices by incorporating bangus and tilapia into bread-making. This unique twist on bread production has captured the attention of the community, showcasing the students’ creativity and skill in the kitchen.

Under the guidance of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), these students have crafted a new type of bread infused with the flavors of bangus and tilapia. The process involves drying the fish parts and transforming them into a fine powder before blending them with the bread’s other ingredients.

Notably, every part of the fish is utilized in this innovative baking technique, with careful exclusion of the intestines, gallbladder, and gills. Aquaculture expert Dr. Westly Rosario explains the meticulous approach, highlighting the diverse nutrient values found in different parts of the fish.

The bread recipe specifically features the Molobicus variety of tilapia, renowned for its elevated Omega-3 fatty acid content compared to regular farmed tilapia. This choice enhances the nutritional profile of the bread, offering consumers a healthier option.

This discovery marks a significant milestone for TESDA’s bread and pastry production course, demonstrating the students’ ability to think outside the box and create unique culinary experiences. Director James Ferrer of TESDA-Pangasinan recognizes the broad appeal of this innovative bread, catering to individuals of all ages, including those who may not typically enjoy fish dishes.


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