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DepEd Plans 15-Day Reduction for Next School Year

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced plans to reduce the upcoming school year 2024-2025 by 15 days, aiming to shield students and teachers from the scorching summer heat in April and May 2025.

Assistant Secretary Francis Bringas revealed that the school year will commence on July 29 and conclude on March 31, 2025, resulting in 165 school days, 15 days shy of the usual 180 to 220 days mandated by law.

In response to concerns about potentially compromised learning competencies, DepEd is devising strategies to ensure comprehensive coverage of required skills within the condensed timeframe.

This decision follows President Marcos’s directive to revert to the June-to-March academic calendar, sidestepping the previously planned phased transition. While praised by some, this move has drawn skepticism from lawmakers and experts regarding its impact on learning outcomes, especially given existing competency gaps among Filipino students.

Acknowledging these concerns, Bringas affirmed the Bureau of Learning Delivery’s commitment to crafting a robust plan to mitigate potential learning setbacks. Measures under consideration include weekend online classes to supplement traditional instruction.

The return to the old school calendar addresses longstanding grievances about the current calendar’s impracticality, particularly in regions experiencing extreme heat during April and May. Senator Bong Go echoed sentiments about prioritizing student well-being while maintaining educational quality, especially amidst record-breaking temperatures recorded in recent months.

DepEd’s adjustment reflects a proactive response to safeguarding student welfare amid evolving climate challenges, affirming the government’s commitment to balancing educational standards with health considerations.


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