Form 138 Automated (Free Download)


Download Form 138 Automated

Form 138 automated (Dropbox) – DOWNLOAD
Form 138 autonated (Google Drive) – DOWNLOAD

Credits to Sir Pot Salviejo


Designed for 9 Subjects per Semester


Step 1. Enter Students’ Name/LRN Number/Sex/Age [LIST SHEET] or Click Student List from Main Menu[FIND LRN SHEET]
Step 2. Enter Subjects [INSIDE SHEET] or Click INSIDE FORM 138 from MAIN Menu[FIND LRN SHEET]
Step 3. Enter REPORT ATTENDANCE from June to March [FRONT SHEET] or Click FRONT FORM 138 from MAIN Menu[FIND LRN SHEET]
Step 4. Encode Grades,Attendance,Values in [1ST SEM and 2nd SEM SHEETS] or click 1ST SEM DATABASE/2ND SEM Database
Step 5. To Print Report Card.

  1. Select Student Name from Drop Down List in [FIND LRN SHEET]
  2. Click FRONT FORM 138 to check Details then Print (Paper size: LETTER 8.5 X 11)
  3. After Printing Front Form, Flip the Paper;
  4. Click INSIDE FORM 138 then check details.
  5. Print INSIDE FORM.

I made this automated workbook to avoid individual encoding and saving of sheets per student.
You can work for just one file and easy to encode grades.


Try to avoid blank grades because it will appear INC in REPORT CARD (Syempre po bawal po yun.)
The system will not compute the average as long as there is blank grade.(As requested by the registrar. Nagagalit kac sya. hehehe.)
The system will show automatically failing grades(Below 75 will appear RED. kakatakot!).

Siguro mga Ma’am and Sir Paayos muna natin mga grades nila bago natin print kapag may red, sakit din po ng ulo natin yan hahaha.

Kung may mga katanungan po or suggestions inform na lang po ako, SALAMAT!


Kung may request po kayo to insert your school logo send n lng po sa akin sa Messenger Thank you!

Form 138 Automated (Dropbox) – DOWNLOAD
Form 138 Autonated (Google Drive) – DOWNLOAD

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