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Grade 7-12 DLL – Daily Lesson Log | SY 2023 – 2024

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DepEd Tambayan provides you with DepEd resources including GRADE 7 to GRADE 12 DLL 1st to 4th Quarter for all subjects. Our compiled lists of Daily Lesson Log for SY 2023 – 2024 were organized per quarter and is being updated weekly. Each quarter has its dedicated page and inside you will find your updated DLL for GRADE 7 to GRADE 12 – 1st to 4th Quarter.

Admin’s Note

We are always in the process of uploading new files and updating the links. Please visit this page from time to time to get the latest update of DLL. You may also BOOKMARK this page for easy reference if you are using a Windows PC click CTRL+D or COMMAND+D for Mac.

GRADE 7 to GRADE 12 DLL 1st to 4th quarter is being compiled on separate pages.  We make sure that GRADE 7 to GRADE 12 DLL is updated weekly. So now, here is your GRADE 7 to GRADE 12 DLL 1st to 4th Quarter 2019.

Having trouble downloading or found a broken link please reach us at [email protected].

Grade 7 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023 – 2024


  • G7_DLL_MAPEH_PE_Q2-1.docx – DOWNLOAD


  • Filipino 7 1st Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 7 2nd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 7 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 7 4rt Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD


Grade 8 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023 – 2024



  • Filipino 8 1st Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 8 2nd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 8 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 8 4rt Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD


  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-1st-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-2nd-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-3rd-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-4th-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-5th-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-6th-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-7th-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-2NDQ-9th-week edited.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week1 (4).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week2 (5).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week3-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week4-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week5-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week6-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week7 (4).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week8-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week9-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-1 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-2 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-3 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-4 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-5 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-6 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-7 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-8 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-Eng8-4thQ-Week-9 (1).docx – DOWNLOAD

Grade 9 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023 – 2024


  • MAPEH-9-Arts-Q3.xlsx – DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH-9-MUSIC-2nd-Grading-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH-9-MUSIC-2nd-Grading-2.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH-9-MUSIC-3rd-Grading-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH-9-P.E.-9-Q3.xlsx – DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH-9-P.E.-Q4.xlsx – DOWNLOAD


  • DLL English_9_2nd-4th Quarter.doc – DOWNLOAD


  • Filipino 9 1st Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 9 2nd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 9 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 9 4rt Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD

Grade 10 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023– 2024



  • DLL English_10_2nd-4th Quarter – DOWNLOAD


  • Filipino 10 1st Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 10 2nd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 10 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 10 4rt Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD

Grade 11 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023 – 2024


  • Filipino 11 1st Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 11 2nd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 11 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino 11 4rt Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD

Grade 12 DLL – Daily Lesson Log SY 2023 – 2024


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    1. Can I ask melc based dll, summative tests, exams with TOS, ppt and materials where we could find the topics in subjects cookery 9, 10 (JHS), (SHS) 21st century, and entrepreneurhip

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