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Curriculum Guides (CG) for Grade 1-12 (SY 2021-2022)

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Updated DepEd Curriculum Guides (CG) for Grade 1-12 for SY 2021 – 2022

Knowing what to teach and when is a common source of anxiety among novice teachers. Many states, districts, and schools help teachers pace their lessons with a curriculum guide. Though sometimes stringent, these tools can make teaching more focused.

What Is a Curriculum Guide?

Teachers don’t walk into the classroom not knowing what to teach and when to teach it. If education worked that way, it would be chaotic! Instead, states, districts, and individual schools help define what material teachers cover by creating a curriculum guide, a guide that outlines material teachers need to cover. Although a curriculum guide can range from very specific to a general outline, teachers from early childhood education to the professional world use them for direction when planning.

Depending on the institution, a curriculum guide might be subject- and/or grade-specific. For example, an elementary school might have curriculum guides for math, science, social studies, and language arts for each grade level from kindergarten up.

Within each subject, the guide outlines objectives, or standards, that students are expected to meet by the end of a set time frame, usually the school year. Some guides are specific, providing details on what is to be taught and when, as well as how instruction should look. For example, a math curriculum guide might direct a teacher to teach fractions in November and then further break down the content to day-by-day instruction on numerators and denominators. It might even provide steps for teacher instruction and possible tasks for practice and assessment.


Curriculum Guides (CG) files are now available. Use your personal computer or laptop for easy download. These are free copies made by educators and for educational use only.

Updated K-12 Curriculum Guides for All Grades

Kindergarten Curriculum GuideDownload
Araling Panlipunan Curriculum GuideDownload
Arts Curriculum GuideDownload
Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao Curriculum GuideDownload
English Curriculum GuideDownload
EPP, TLE Curriculum GuideDownload
Filipino Curriculum GuideDownload
Health Curriculum Guide with tagged math equipmentDownload
Math Curriculum Guide with tagged math equipmentDownload
Mother Tongue Curriculum GuideDownload
Music Curriculum GuideDownload
Physical Education Curriculum GuideDownload
Science Curriculum Guide with tagged SCI equipmentDownload

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Curriculum Guides

SHS Applied Empowerment Technologies (for the Strand)Download
SHS Applied English for Academic and Professional Purposes CGDownload
SHS Applied Entrepreneurship CGDownload
SHS Applied Filipino (Akademik) CGDownload
SHS Applied Filipino (Isports) CGDownload
SHS Applied Filipino (Sining) CGDownload
SHS Applied Filipino (Tech-Voc) CGDownload
SHS Applied Inquiries, Investigations and Immersions CGDownload
SHS Applied Research 1 CGDownload
SHS Applied Research 2 CGDownload


SHS Core 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World CGDownload
SHS Core Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions CGDownload
SHS Core Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction CGDownload
SHS Core Earth and Life Science CGwith tagged sci equipmentDownload
SHS Core Earth Science CGDownload
SHS Core General Math CGDownload
SHS Core Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person CGDownload
SHS Core Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino CGDownload
SHS Core Media and Information Literacy CGDownload
SHS Core Oral Communication CGDownload
SHS Core Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Iba’t-Ibang Teksto Tungo sa Pananaliksik CGDownload
SHS Core PE and Health CGDownload
SHS Core Personal Development CGDownload
SHS Core Physical Science CGwith tagged sci equipmentDownload
SHS Core Reading and Writing CGDownload
SHS Core Statistics and Probability CGDownload
SHS Core Understanding Culture, Society and Politics CGDownload

Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM STRAND)

ABM Strand Suggested Scheduling of Subjects (revised 16 June 2015)Download
ABM Applied Economics CGDownload
ABM Business Ethics and Social Responsibility CGDownload
ABM Business Finance CGDownload
ABM Business Math CGDownload
ABM Culminating Activity Business Enterprise Simulation CGDownload
ABM Fundamentals of ABM 1 CGDownload
ABM Fundamentals of ABM 2 CGDownload
ABM Organization and Management CGDownload
ABM Principles of Marketing CGDownload

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS STRAND)

HUMSS Strand Suggested Scheduling of Subjects (revised 16 June 2015)Download
HUMSS Community Engagement, Solidarity and Leadership CGDownload
HUMSS Creative Nonfiction CGDownload
HUMSS Creative Writing CGDownload
HUMSS Culminating Activity CGDownload
HUMSS Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences CGDownload
HUMSS Introduction to World Religions & Belief Systems CGDownload
HUMSS Philippine Politics and Governance CGDownload
HUMSS Trends, Networks, and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century CGDownload

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM STRAND)

STEM Strand SchedulingDownload
STEM Basic Calculus CGDownload
STEM Biology 1 CG with tagged sci equipmentDownload
STEM Biology 2 CG with tagged sci equipmentDownload
STEM Gen Chem 1 and 2 CG with tagged sci equipmentDownload
STEM Physics 1 CGDownload
STEM Physics 2 CGDownload
STEM Pre-Calculus CGDownload
STEM Research or Capstone Project CGDownload

Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track

Agricultural Crops Production (NC I)Download
Agricultural Crops Production (NC II)Download
Agricultural Crops Production (NC III)Download
Animal Health Care Management (NC III)Download
Animal Production (Poultry-Chicken) (NC II)Download
Animal Production (Ruminants) (NC II)Download
Animal Production (Swine) (NC II)Download
Aquaculture (NC II)Download
Artificial Insemination (Ruminants) (NC II)Download
Artificial Insemination (Swine) (NC II)Download
Fish Capture (NC II)Download
Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance (NC III)Download
Fish-Products Packaging (NC II)Download
Fish Wharf Operation (NC I)Download
Food Processing (NC II)Download
Horticulture (NC III)Download
Landscape Installation and Maintenance (NC II)Download
Organic Agriculture (NC II)Download
Pest Management (NC II)Download
Rice Machinery Operation (NC II)Download
Rubber Processing (NC II)Download
Rubber Production (NC II)Download
Slaughtering Operations (NC II)Download

Home Economics

Attractions and Theme Parks (NC II)Download
Barbering (NC II)Download
Bartending (NC II)Download
Beauty/Nail Care (NC II)Download
Bread and Pastry Production (NC II)Download
Caregiving (NC II)Download
Commercial Cooking (NC III)Download
Cookery (NC II)Download
Dressmaking (NC II)Download
Events Management Services (NC III)Download
Fashion Design (Apparel) (NC III)Download
Food and Beverage Services (NC II)Download
Front Office Services (NC II)Download
Hairdressing (NC II)Download
Hairdressing (NC III)Download
Handicraft (Basketry, Macrame) (Non-NC)Download
Handicraft (Fashion Accessories, Paper Craft) (Non-NC)Download
Handicraft (Needlecraft) (Non-NC)Download
Handicraft (Woodcraft, Leathercraft) (Non-NC)Download
Housekeeping (NC II)Download
Local Guiding Services (NC II)Download
Tailoring (NC II)Download
Tourism Promotion Services (NC II)Download
Travel Services (NC II)Download
Wellness Massage (NC II)Download

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Animation (NC II)Download
Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) (NC II)Download
Computer Programming (.net Technology) (NC III)Download
Computer Programming (Java) (NC III)Download
Computer Programming (Oracle Database) (NC III)Download
Computer Systems Servicing (NC II)Download
Contact Center Services (NC II)Download
Illustration (NC II)Download
Medical Transcription (NC II)Download
Technical Drafting (NC II)Download
Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (Copper Cable/POTS and DSL) (NC II)Download
Telecom OSP Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) (NC II)Download

Industrial Arts

Automotive Servicing (NC I)Download
Automotive Servicing (NC II)Download
Carpentry (NC II)Download
Carpentry (NC III)Download
Construction Painting (NC II)Download
Domestic Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (DOMRAC) Servicing (NC II)Download
Driving (NC II)Download
Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NC II)Download
Electric Power Distribution Line Construction (NC II)Download
Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (NC II)Download
Furniture Making (Finishing) (NC II)Download
Instrumentation and Control Servicing (NC II)Download
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) (NC II)Download
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) (NC II)Download
Machining (NC I)Download
Machining (NC II)Download
Masonry (NC II)Download
Mechatronics Servicing (NC II)Download
Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing (NC II)Download
Plumbing (NC I)Download
Plumbing (NC II)Download
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (Packaged Air-Conditioning Unit [PACU]/Commercial Refrigeration Equipment [CRE]) Servicing (NC III)Download
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NC I)Download
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NC II)Download
Tile Setting (NC II)Download
Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance (NC II)Download

TVL Maritime

Navigational Watch 1Download
Navigational Watch 2Download
Navigational Watch 3Download
Engine Watch 1Download
Engine Watch 2Download
Safety 1Download
Safety 2Download
Ship’s Catering Services (NC I)Download

Sports Track

Safety and First AidDownload
Human MovementDownload
Fundamentals of CoachingDownload
Sports Officiating and Activity ManagementDownload
Fitness, Sports and Recreation LeadershipDownload
Psychosocial Aspects of Sports and ExerciseDownload
Fitness Testing and Basic Exercise ProgrammingDownload
Practicum (in-campus)Download

Arts and Design Track

Creative Industries I: Arts and Design Appreciation and ProductionDownload
Creative Industries II: Performing ArtsDownload
Physical and Personal Development in the ArtsDownload
Developing Filipino Identity in the ArtsDownload
Integrating the Elements and Principles of Organization in the ArtsDownload
Leadership and Management in Different Arts FieldsDownload

Apprenticeship and Exploration of Different Arts Fields

Media Arts and Visual ArtsDownload
Literary ArtsDownload

Exhibit for Arts Production

Media and Visual ArtsDownload
Literary ArtsDownload

Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity i.e. Exhibit for Arts Production/Performing Arts Production

Performing Arts ProductionDownload
What Should Be Taught In The K-12 Curriculum According To The Department Of Education?

Teachers must have a deep understanding of the curriculum and strive to teach its content. In planning daily lessons, teachers need to follow the Curriculum Guide (CG) of the learning area being taught. Using the Curriculum Guide (CG), teachers can plan the many ways to teach what it contains including the content standards or the essential knowledge that students need to learn, performance standards or the abilities and skills learners need to demonstrate in relation to the knowledge they have learned, and learning competencies or the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learners need to demonstrate in every lesson.

Following the CG, teachers can also plan their instruction backwards. That is, they can set a long-term vision of what learners need to be able to master in terms of content and competencies at the end of the school-year and endeavor to achieve this goal. At the end of the year, learners should have mastery of grade level standards and demonstrate readiness to learn the curriculum standards of the next grade level. Teachers can guarantee this by taking advantage of and maximizing the coded curriculum. The lessons teachers plan daily should aid learners in mastering the content and competencies of the curriculum progressively. Each lesson plan should, therefore, have learner-centered objectives that are aligned with the standards of the curriculum.

In preparing daily lessons, teachers can also make use of multiple resources that are available to them including the Teacher’s Guide (TG), Learner’s Material (LM), additional materials from the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) portal, textbooks, and others supplementary materials, whether digital, multimedia, or online, including those that are teacher-made. However, these materials should be used by teachers as resources, not as the curriculum.
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