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Overseas teachers to fill gap in Arizona's teacher shortage

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There are more than 1,400 teaching vacancies in Arizona this year. Arizona ranks 45th out of 50 when it comes to teacher salaries. The average public school teacher in America makes $60,000 a year. In Tucson, it’s $42,000. According to CBS News report.

Screengrab from CBS News

Teaching jobs in the US is becoming less attractive, that’s why schools have decided to outsource teachers who will fill the gap, and one of them is Tucson Unified School.

“There’s more vacancies than applicants. The pay isn’t very attractive. We finally decided that it would probably be time to look overseas,” said Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, the Tucson Unified School District superintendent.

Dr. Trujillo oversees the hiring of international teachers. “Where you may have two classes of 18 or 19, if one of the classes doesn’t have a highly-qualified teacher due to the vacancy, now we have a single class of 38 students,” he added.

Since the time they opened applications for overseas teachers more and more Filipinos come to Tucson, Arizona, to do a job fewer Americans want to do: teach. And one of them is Andrea Locsin.

Andrea Locsin /via facebook

“We have the same reasons why we’re here. Sacrifice for the family and all our sacrifice it’s all worth it,” said Andrea Locsin.

“They share meals and live together to save money.” said report. And as a Filipino, we are more than willing to do it just for the sake of our loved ones. Our comfort is when we see them having a better life.

Teacher Andrea Locsin with two of her children.  ANDREA LOCSIN

“This is a very big opportunity for me, a very big blessing,” Locsin said, who left her three children in the Philippines. She now earns nine times her previous salary here in the Philippines.

Back in the Philippines, Andrea is earning $400 a month or around 20,000 pesos. And in Tucson you have a salary of $3,500 a month or around 175,000 pesos. Yearly, you can earn $42,000 or 2.1 million pesos.

There’s an estimated shortage of 112,000 teachers in the US. To fix this, some school districts are outsourcing teachers from other countries.



According to CBS News report. Nationwide, there are over 3,0000 international teachers in U.S. classrooms, up 50% from 2014, according to the State Department. The majority of those teachers come from the Philippines. They need a J-1 Visa, which allows individuals to work or study in the U.S.

While foreign teachers and US-born teachers in her school district are on the same pay scale, Joevie Alvarado said her salary in Arizona is at least eight times higher than what she made in the Philippines. |via CNN

International teachers must have at least the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree and two years of teaching experience to qualify. For international teachers, the process to get to the U.S. is expensive, costing $8,000 on average.

Though Tucson has a lower offering among other US Cities. The salary is still attractive especially if you can manage to make tipid as mentioned earlier in our story. I’m sure you can make good ipon.

Noel Que left his family in the Philippines to teach in Arizona. He sends half of his salary back home. |via CNN

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