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President Duterte appeals for early release of 13th month pay

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday appealed to big companies to pay employees their 13th month pay in advance and to continue paying their workers as the gov’t moved to limit work to “home arrangements” during the “enhanced community quarantine” period in Luzon.

“Those big enterprises here, maybe you can consider paying the 13th month pay or just pay them half of their salary if the employees lose their jobs as a way of showing your solidarity to Filipinos at this critical time,” said Duterte in his televised address.

13th month pay

The 13th month pay is a mandatory benefit provided to employees regardless of the nature of their employment and irrespective of the methods by which their wages are paid.

“Kahit pro-rated lang. Tulong sa ating mga kababayan,” Duterte added.

Luzon under tougher quarantine

The President earlier placed the entire Luzon under a tougher quarantine. People shall observe strict home confinement in all households and suspended transportation lines. Meanwhile, establishments offering basic services and goods will continue to operate.

“I am placing the entire mainland of Luzon under quarantine until April 12, 2020 coinciding with the entire end of the Holy Week. Let me make myself clear, this is not martial law,” the President said.

Impact on businesses

Moreover, the president ordered businesses to temporarily cease operations if the health crisis gets worse. The people are urged to stay at home and observe social distancing.

“Kung maari lang po, stay home and for the businesses kapag lumala ito, you better close down your business.” Duterte said.

“I solemnly urge everyone to pray to the almighty God, who has the power to defeat any enemy, visible or invisible. Pray for all doctors, and health professionals, workers. Pray for your government, for the country,” he added.

The president earns both praise and criticism in every step he makes. What are your thoughts? Please share on the comment below.


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1 thought on “President Duterte appeals for early release of 13th month pay”

  1. Our beloved President has a big heart to his countrymen and a solid faith to our Almighty God. This alone is commendable for he recognize that even he is president of the country he cannot subdue a pandemic disease. I laud him for his humility and compassion.

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