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RPMS Portfolio Cover (Grand Design)

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The RPMS is an organization-wide process to ensure that teachers give focus on their work towards the achievement of DepEd mission, vision and values. It is an approach or strategy for continuous individual and professional development.

With RPMS, teachers will be rated and evaluated according to their performance, accomplishment and development. It is also used to determine teachers’ eligibility to the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) (Executive Order 80 s.2012), allowances, incentives or compensation.

By implementing the RPMS, the work culture, performance and accountability of teachers will be strengthened. The productivity and delivery of service in DepEd will be greatly enhanced because teachers are motivated and committed to work hard in the achievement of its goals. Moreover, their efforts will be rewarded with just compensation.

RPMS Portfolio (Simple Blue Design) – DOWNLOAD

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