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K-pop sensation Sandara Park Reunites with High School Teacher in Pasay School

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K-pop sensation Sandara Park had an emotional reunion with her former teacher during her visit to her old school in Pasay City.

In her recent video blog on YouTube, Sandara took her former 2NE1 groupmate Minzy on a tour around her hometown in the Philippines. They eventually visited Pasay Chung Hua Academy.

“It’s strange. Even though I visit the Philippines often, I never thought to visit this neighborhood or my old school,” Sandara shared.

“When I visit my old neighborhood, it’s nice because I miss it, but I become all sentimental,” she added.

During the visit, Sandara was pleasantly surprised to encounter her former teacher.

“Very quiet. She was really very, very quiet,” Sandara’s teacher reminisced about the star.

“But we didn’t know she would become like this and would open up and bloom to this very pretty young lady, very confident lady,” she added.

Sandara, who graduated from the school 20 years ago, expressed her disbelief at her teacher still teaching there.

“I couldn’t even reply to a greeting or recite. Once there was this other teacher, they started using sign language without realizing it,” she recalled.

“When school ends, I’d be on the third floor there and look at my crush, who was playing basketball here,” she added nostalgically.

Sandara expressed her gratitude to Minzy for accompanying her during the visit.

Minzy, in turn, remarked that she felt she got to know Sandara on a deeper level during the trip.

“Well, this entire time, I’ve seen you as a member of 2NE1. But this was before all of that, before you officially debuted. So it gives me the sense that I’ve come to know you a little deeper,” she said.


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