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Senate President Calls for Quick Return to Previous School Calendar

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri called on the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to revert to the pre-pandemic June to March academic calendar in the upcoming school year, citing concerns over the extreme heat and recurrent cancellation of face-to-face classes.

Zubiri emphasized the potential health hazards faced by students and teachers due to the planned gradual return to the original school calendar in school year (SY) 2025-2026, particularly during the summer months.

Expressing his belief that the current weather conditions during summer are not conducive to learning, Zubiri urged immediate action. He emphasized the importance of not waiting until SY 2025-2026 to implement the change, stating that students would suffer in the next summer if action was delayed.

Zubiri mentioned that he withdrew Senate Bill No. 788, which aimed to synchronize the school year to start in August, acknowledging that while aligning with international school calendars may have benefits, the August calendar has proven disruptive to the education system and poses health risks to children and school staff.


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