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Senior High School (SHS) Teacher's Guide (TG) K to 12 Curriculum

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DepEd Tambayan provides a compiled list of Senior High School (SHS) Teacher’s Guide (TG) 2019 – 2020. DepEd Tambayan aims to provide free resources to our fellow teachers. May these downloadable resources help you and lessen your time in doing paperwork so that your efforts may be directed into the actual teaching process. Mabuhay ang mga guro!

What is K to 12 Teacher’s Guide?

The aim of the K to 12 Teachers Guide is to help teachers prepare units of work that integrate listening, speaking, reading, writing and learning. Teacher’s Guide helps teachers to think about important goals of the curriculum, as well as the opportunities that children will need to achieve the goals successfully. K-12 Teacher’s Guide help teachers to expand their range of teaching techniques. Furthermore, it encourage teachers to think about the best conditions for developing literacy.

K-12 Teacher’s Guide (TG) and Learner’s Material (LM) are resources used in preparing daily lessons. Additional resources include materials from the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) portal, textbooks, and others supplementary materials, whether digital, multimedia, or online, including those that are teacher-made. However, these materials should be used by teachers as resources, not as the curriculum.

Assessment is a continuous, planned process using various forms of tasks in order to identify, gather and interpret information about the performance of students. It involves the processes of generating and collecting evidence of achievement, evaluating this evidence, recording the findings and using this information to understand and assist in the learner’s development in order to improve the process of learning and teaching. Assessment should be both informal (assessment for learning) and formal (assessment of learning). In both cases regular feedback should be provided to learners to enhance the learning experience.

Download these Teacher’s Guide (TG) 2019 – 2020 files for Free. No Adfly. No Popups. Virus Free. Safer. Faster.

Senior High School (SHS) Teacher’s Guide (TG) K to 12 Curriculum Download


  1. Teacher’s Guide: Basic Calculus – DOWNLOAD
  2. Teacher’s Guide: Disaster and Risk Reduction – DOWNLOAD
  3. Teacher’s Guide: Earth and Life Science – DOWNLOAD
  4. Teacher’s Guide: Earth Science – DOWNLOAD
  5. Teacher’s Guide: General Mathematics – DOWNLOAD
  6. Teacher’s Guide: Pre-calculus – DOWNLOAD
  7. Teacher’s Guide: Statistics and Probability – DOWNLOAD


  1. Teacher’s Guide: General Biology 1 – DOWNLOAD
  2. Teacher’s Guide: General Biology 2 – DOWNLOAD
  3. Teacher’s Guide: Physics 1 – DOWNLOAD
  4. Teacher’s Guide: Basic Calculus – DOWNLOAD
  5. Teacher’s Guide: Pre-calculus – DOWNLOAD

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      Hello po, can I ask a copy of TG and LM of Physical Education and Health Grade 11 and 12..Thank you!

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    Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & RDL 1
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    Phingi nman poh TG ng intro to word religion and Discipline and Ideas in Soc.Sci..
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    More power to you! Be blessed as you bless others!

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