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Teacher sent to hospital after being attacked by her student in Negros Occidental

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A teacher was allegedly attacked by her 16-year-old male student while she complains of his misbehavior at the Principal’s Office. She filed a complaint against her student after the incident.

Kristel Anne Valencia, an English teacher at the Raymundo T. Tongson High School Extension in Barangay Suay, Himamaylan City said the incident happened on February 26.

The student allegedly sent disturbing chat messages to her via social media. One text message said, “hey send nude.” Valencia then forwarded the message to the class group informing them what he did.

Teacher Valencia also informed the teacher-in-charge (TIC) who was also the student’s grandmother. TIC Munchuelas advised her to personally talk with the student.

At the principal’s office, Valencia calmly asked the student why he is sending such messages but he denied it claiming it was not him. She also confronted him for calling her “ungo” (dumb) and “good for nothing” teacher.

The student then replied in a loud voice “Te, ano? Tanan, tanan nalang ako ginabasol” (So what? I am being blamed for everything.) “bay-I da ma expel” (I don’t care if I get expelled) he added.

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Teacher Valencia said she stopped talking when she noticed the student was already angry. The student then removed his ID and sling bag, put down his mobile phone in the table, stood up in front of her teacher while wrapping his fist with a handkerchief and hit her on the head.

The student punched her several times, pulled her hair, and pushed her head down on the sofa causing her to become dizzy. Her co-teachers rushed to the room and pacified the student. She was then brought to the hospital for treatment.

The mother of the student was also a teacher in the same school and was among those around when it happened, said Valencia oh her affidavit.

Meanwhile, Assistant School’s Division Superintended of Himamaylan City Bernie Libo-on said Valencia was transferred to the main campus to ease her from trauma while the student was advised to take a two-week modular study.

Libo-on also confirmed that the student was undergoing treatment because of psychological problem.

However, he said that the TIC was not present in the school when the incident happened because she was attending a seminar at Himamaylan National High School.

Based on the medical certificate and affidavit teacher Valencia presented, she suffered cerebral concussion secondary to blunt trauma. She was advised by the doctor to rest for three to five days.

Valencia also said that the mother of the student shouted at her and blaming her for talking to the boy alone.

Libo-on said they were closely looking into the matter. But Board Member Ernesto Agustin Bascon, Chair of the Committee on Education said that the problem will be elevated to the regional office if the case can’t be resolve by the local office of Himamaylan Division.

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