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DepEd reviews reduction of teachers' workload

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MANILA — The Department of Education said on Tuesday it is reviewing the reduction of teachers’ workload, specifically the number of forms to be accomplished in connection with their reporting task.

In a statement, DepEd said the review aims to simplify the reporting process and not to eliminate it — ensuring that the data collected are not compromised and are integral to proper assessment, planning, and allocation of resources and intervention.

“In essence, reports enable teachers and the Department to identify areas of improvement and set the direction for evidence-based decisions to aid in the delivery of quality basic education,” the statement read.

The review has two phases, which cover the creation of simplified school forms, standardization of format, update and reduction of data needed in existing school forms, and utilization of available technology and information system.

Field representatives, teachers, school heads and regional supervisors have been consulted through out the course of the review, which resulted in the reduction of 36 school forms to 10. These already include forms for Senior High School.

“This has streamlined the processes – minimizing duplication and redundancy of data, and diminishing time and effort spent by teachers on work preparations,” DepEd said.

DepEd is also looking into interventions such as talks with teachers and process owners to consider data sharing instead of creating separate forms, and the possible creation of non-teaching items to prepare administrative and management reports.

Earlier, the Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) requested DepEd to reduce the teachers’ excessive workload, which includes tasks not related to teaching.

This came after the death of three teachers, who underwent excessive emotional stress due to long working hours.

TDC also requested DepEd to stop the implementation of the results-based performance management system, the Daily Lesson Log and Detailed Lesson Plan creation, ongoing class observations, Saturday classes and required meetings.

To improve teachers’ overall health and socio-economic condition, TDC also urged DepEd to implement a six-hour workday and provide a higher salary and comprehensive health program, including mental wellness.

Source: PNA
By Ma. Teresa Montemayor 
September 4, 2018, 1:12 pm


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