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Certificates, Diploma, Award Certificates, and Programs for EOSY 2018-2019

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Download for FREE the available 2019 Certificates, Diploma, Award Certificates, and Programs for EOSY 2018-2019. These files were made editable for your convenience.

For School Year 2018-2019, the Department of Education announces the conduct of the following End-of-School-Year Rites:

Grade Level Completers Ceremony Proof of Completion
Kindergarten Moving Up or Completion Kindergarten Certificate (Enclosure No. 1)
Grade 6 Graduation Elementary Certificate (Enclosure 2)
Grade 10 Moving Up or Completion Junior High School Certificate (Enclosure 3)
Grade 12 learners from:
a. Schools with DepEd- approved K to 12 transition plan
b. Schools with permit to operate Senior High School since 2014
c. International Schools with K to 12 Program
Graduation Senior High School Diploma (Enclosure 4)

Click below to download each file: (All FILES are editable)

2019 Certificate of Completion (Kindergarten)
2019 Certificate of Completion (Elementary-Grade 6)
2019 Certificate of Completion (Junior High)
2019 Certificate of Completion (Senior High)

Award Certificates by Sir Tristan Asis

Graduation Program by Ma’am Arla Rosette Austria Licerio
Graduation Program by Ma’am Marie Dale Altamera Mandawe
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Ribbon Heads For Recognition And Graduation Awards (Ready To Print)
End Of School Year (EOSY) 2018-2019 Forms For Class Advisers


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