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Guide on the Preparation of School Forms Checking Reports (SFCRs) and School Forms to be Checked

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List of Primary Reports and How to Validate

Step 1. SF1 vis-à-vis Birth Certificate/Equivalent document

Step 2. SF4 (no. of currently enrolled) vis-à-vis no. of Learners in SF5. If mismatched, validate list of learners in SF5 vis-à-vis SF2. Only learners that currently enrolled /warm bodies must be reflected in SF5. SF6 and SF4 must be tallied with the no. of Currently Enrolled Learners (warm bodies)
Step 3. SF5 vis-à-vis SF10 (SF1 can be used to validate LRN in SF5). If mismatched on Gen. Ave /Action Taken, validate computation of grades as appeared in SF9 or Class Record
Important note to DCC: Do not require SCC of additional report/forms such as SF3, SF 8, list of graduates, ranking of honors among others.

For questions and clarification kindly send your queries to the Office of the Director Planning Service
Central Office ([email protected])

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