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Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Happy Father's Day!

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As the sun rose up this morning, I am reminded of the day when me and my father were in a haste trying to arrive at my high school graduation before 7 in the morning. It was a memorable day for me because it was different. It was the only ceremony where i did not garner an award compared to the previous recognitions and graduation in which my parent always pin a ribbon and hang a medal on my neck.
I know my father don’t expect much from me that year because from the very start he already know that i had been slacking off. He knows that my grades are not what it used to be. But still i can sense the disappointment in him. I can feel his sadness when seeing the others go up on stage to receive their awards. I felt it and i was mad at myself.
Every parents dream is to see their child to be successful someday. And it is their joy to walk us on that stage not just to receive the diploma but also to receive awards. It may not mean much to us, but to our parents it is an achievement. Something they can be proud of.
On that day, i decided to be more serious on my studies. I said to myself ” babawi ako ngayong college” because i want to make my father proud of me. And i will give back hundredfolds what he had given me. Because he deserves it.
I hope everyone who reads this will thank their father this fathers day. Give them a simple gift of appreciation for a job well done. And i encourage every daughter and son to make their father proud of them.
To all fathers, a blessed fathers day


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