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Recognition and Graduation Program Covers

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These files are EDITABLE and FREE to DOWNLOAD. Just click on the link below to view and download each file for FREE. These files were sent to us so we can share and help a lot more of our fellow teachers.
These are recognition and graduation program covers that will help us lessen the works so that we can have more time to what really matters. Blessings!

Few more weeks and we will come to the end of this school year. Hence, some teachers are now preparing for necessary things that will be needed in the coming recognition, graduation, and moving up ceremonies. Below you will see some of the sample program covers which you can utilize and edit as you prefer. These files are in word and powerpoint format so you can easily navigate/edit details.
Graduation Program Cover EDITABLE (download)

Recognition Program Cover EDITABLE (download)

Graduation/Moving Up Program Cover EDITABLE (download)


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