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Salary hike, not lowered poverty line will fill grumbling stomachs

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The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) hit the government pronouncement that Php 10,481.00 per month is enough to sustain a family of five as the group reiterated the call for the granting of immediate salary increase promised by President Duterte to teachers in January this year.
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) announced yesterday that poverty incidence decreased by 21% since 2015, based on its set poverty threshold of Php 10,481 per month for food and non-food needs of a family with five members.

“Nobody in any corner of the country will believe that, as it is so divorced from reality. Instead, it insults the hardworking Filipinos who reel in poverty despite incredible talent in finding livelihood sources and stretching the family budget to make ends meet,” said Joselyn Martinez, ACT Philippines chairperson.
Martinez said that even teachers who receive Php 20,179 monthly at the minimum “know by experience that no amount of prudence will make our salaries suffice for our families’ needs with the ever increasing prices of basic goods and services.”
“The government must confront the reality and provide real solutions to poverty rather than trying to lull us into an imagined improvement in our lives. Manipulated poverty data will not assuage our grumbling stomachs, what we need is substantial salary increase now!” concluded Martinez.
Source: The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) 


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