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Senator Gatchalian Proposes Reduced Teaching Hours for Public School Teachers

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Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has introduced Senate Bill No. 2493, a proposed amendment to the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, aiming to reduce the teaching load of public school educators. The bill suggests reducing the current six-hour daily teaching schedule to four hours, with a maximum of eight hours including preparation and grading time.

Gatchalian argues that the current workload, which includes two hours of lesson planning and grading alongside the six hours of teaching, is excessive and hinders teachers’ ability to effectively perform their duties. The bill proposes an “overload pay” of 25% of the teacher’s salary for any hours worked beyond the four-hour teaching limit.

The proposed bill also seeks to eliminate non-teaching duties for teachers. A study by the Second Congressional Commission on Education (Edcom 2) found that teachers are currently burdened with 50 administrative tasks unrelated to teaching, further contributing to their workload.

Additionally, Senate Bill No. 2493 proposes a five-day paid calamity leave for teachers.

This proposal has generated significant discussion among educators and policymakers. Supporters argue that reducing teaching hours would allow teachers to focus more on their core responsibilities, leading to improved student learning outcomes. They also emphasize the importance of addressing the administrative burden on teachers, freeing them to dedicate more time to professional development and student engagement.

Opponents, however, express concerns about the potential impact on student learning and the feasibility of implementing such a significant change in the education system. They argue that the proposed reduction in teaching hours could lead to larger class sizes and a decrease in the overall quality of education.

The proposed amendment to the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers has sparked a debate on the optimal workload for public school teachers and the balance between their teaching duties and administrative responsibilities. The outcome of this debate will have significant implications for the future of public education in the Philippines.


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1 thought on “Senator Gatchalian Proposes Reduced Teaching Hours for Public School Teachers”

  1. Yung 6 hrs na puro discussion ng guro ng diretso ay nakakapagod + magcheck ng activities ng mga student pwera pa yung report na hinihingi sa mga guro. Kaya paglabas ng school pagod na pagod n kami. Gustuhin man namin mag unwind hindi na nmin kaya dahil sa pagod. Go.. go senador gatchalian.. ipaglaban mo welfare ng mga guro

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