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This culinary graduate tried all sorts of startups before discovering her perfect biz

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There’s something admirable about people who can take a leap of faith and venture into a new path in life. Whether it’s starting a new career, taking up a new hobby, or doing something off the beaten path, it takes a lot of courage, resources, and know-how to take the first step.

When it comes to the world of business, launching a startup comes with a lot of risks and challenges.

Take the example of the Center for Culinary Arts graduate Princess San Diego, who has come up with not just a few but fourteen startup businesses. She tried her hand in selling different products such as food supplements, clothes, burgers, chicken wings, and even car accessories.

Princess almost wanted to give up and apply for a teaching job instead, but she had a lightbulb moment and thought of doing something novel: coming up with flavored flans. She started with matcha flans, which her family and friends loved. From there, she has come up with a number of other flavors, and since she would always ask God before, “What’s your plan?”, this led her to name her biz “What’s your FLAN?”

Despite the limitations brought about by the global health crisis, Princess managed to come up with workarounds to keep the business growing. Today, What’s your FLAN? has over 200 franchisees all over the country, as well as an international franchisee in Canada. With its success, Princess has finally discovered what God has in store for her.


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