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BBM NEw Secretaries

BBM Appoints New Secretaries for Defense and Health Departments

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Get the latest update on the appointment of new secretaries for the Defense and Health Departments. BBM announces the appointment of highly capable individuals to lead these vital sectors. Stay informed about the latest developments in government leadership and their impact on national defense and public health.

Inspiring Teacher

An Inspiring Teacher Passes LET on the 28th Attempt

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Witness the incredible journey of an inspiring teacher who never gave up. After facing numerous challenges, this determined individual passes the LET on their 28th attempt. Be inspired by their unwavering perseverance and the ultimate triumph of their hard work and dedication.

First Blind BAR PAsser

First Blind BAR Passer Never Lost Sight Of His Goal

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Discover the extraordinary journey of the first blind BAR passer, who defied all odds and remained steadfast in pursuit of his goal. Witness the indomitable spirit and unwavering determination that led to this incredible achievement. Be inspired by a story that proves no challenge is insurmountable when you refuse to lose sight of your dreams.

June opening of classes

Ilocos Sur Rep Proposes June Opening of Classes

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Ilocos Sur Representative proposes a bill to restore the traditional June opening of classes. Explore the potential impacts on education and student welfare, as this legislative proposal aims to reshape the academic calendar. Stay informed on the potential benefits and challenges surrounding this important educational reform.

Proposal for MUP Pension

Gov’t Adjusts Proposal for MUP Pension

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Discover the latest updates on the Philippine government’s revised proposal for MUP pensions. Stay informed about the adjustments made to ensure fair and sustainable retirement benefits for those who serve the nation. Get insights into the new measures and their potential impact on the welfare of our dedicated servicemen and servicewomen