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To stay alert and finish homework a 13-year-old boy puts needle up his peephole

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  • Teenager undergoes surgery after a needle was stuck up to his peephole to stay alert for his homework
  • The needle was safely extracted out of the young man’s body after two-hour of surgery.
  •  Recently, the DepEd Philippines strengthened its no-homework policy.

Staying awake at night for homework is sometimes not easy especially after a day of tiring activities. For many of us drinking coffee is proven effective to keep as awake, eating sweets like chocolates is another, some maybe eat sour foods, and for me I just eat a lot of food.

Drinking rich in caffeine or eating certain foods to keep as active up all night is common to us. But, not for this 13-year-old boy who was in a unique way to remain alert inserted his grandmothers’ acupuncture needle to his urethra and ‘twas stuck. No one in his family knew it until a few days later.

His mother noticed he was walking around strangely so she asked what’s the problem. He later revealed he stuck up a 10cm needle to his peephole.

He then was sent to the hospital for its removal. The doctor said that just pulling the needle may cause harm and infection. So, for two-hour of surgery, the needle was safely extracted out of the young man’s body.

For parents this unlucky experience may serve as a lesson for them to always keep an eye to their children. Sometimes kids do things without thinking of the harmful effect. Our kids need our proper guidance.

Recently, we also had the no-homework policy being strictly implemented and by giving penalty to teachers who will not follow. This is to give more quality time for pupils and students to bond with their families and friends during the weekend.

Also, DepEd Secretery Leonor Briones discourages homework because it takes precious time kids should have with their family and friends “Mayroon tayong policy na dini-discourage natin ang homework, alam naman natin na minsan hindi naman ang bata ang gumagawa.” she said.

If the boy had no homework to finish at home maybe the accident did not happen. Hmm I don’t mean to be serious. I still see the importance of homework and prefer that homework should be regulated not removed. The learner should benefit from it rather than misused.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree kids should not have school homework?


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