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What is the Civil Service Examination (CSE)

The Civil Service Exam, also known as the Career Service Examination—Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT), is a crucial requirement for Filipinos aspiring to work in government agencies. Administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), this standardized test evaluates individuals’ knowledge and skills across various areas, including general cognitive abilities, English, Filipino, and mathematics.

The primary goal of the CSE is to uphold meritocracy within the Philippine civil service. By assessing candidates solely based on qualifications and aptitude rather than connections or affiliations, the exam ensures that government positions are occupied by competent individuals capable of delivering efficient public service. Furthermore, the CSE fosters transparency and accountability in the recruitment process by providing equal opportunities to all applicants.

Passing the CSE opens doors to a multitude of government positions, including administrative, technical, and professional roles. It serves as a gateway to a fulfilling career in the Philippine civil service, offering job security, benefits, and avenues for professional development. Moreover, CSE certification enhances opportunities for Filipinos seeking government employment abroad, as the exam is recognized by numerous foreign employers and immigration authorities.

The Civil Service Exam is available in two formats:

1. Pen-and-Paper Test (PPT): This traditional method involves shading circles on an answer sheet with a black ballpoint pen. The exam fee is ₱500, and results are typically released 60 days after the exam.

2. Computerized Examination (COMEX): This option allows candidates to take the exam electronically at designated CSC testing centers. Although more expensive (₱680 fee), results are available within a week of taking the exam.

To qualify for the exam, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Filipino citizenship
– At least 18 years old with good moral character
– No criminal record or conviction for offenses involving moral turpitude
– No dishonorable discharge from military service or dismissal from government positions
– A gap of at least three months since the last attempt at the same level of career service examination

Important Note:

  • You can apply regardless of your educational attainment as long as you meet the qualifications above.

Applicants must submit the following requirements during the application process:

1. Duly-accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100, Revised 2016)
2. Four passport-sized ID photos with specific specifications
3. Valid ID with a clear picture, date of birth, and signature (original and photocopy)
4. NSO/PSA Birth Certificate if the ID does not include the applicant’s birth date.
5. Examination fee of ₱500, payable at any CSC Regional or Field Office nationwide.

It’s important to adhere strictly to the requirements and guidelines outlined by the CSC to ensure a smooth application process.

Note: The civil service examination is conducted only twice a year.

For those who wish to apply for this year’s exam, please be guided by the link below.


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