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Worksheets for preschool (Nursery, Kindergarten)

Early childhood education is one of the toughest challenges of distance learning. Early childhood education is described as a level that children must undergo before they begin compulsory education at primary school. These formative years of a child is crucial and demands great effort and attention to focus on.

Teaching a preschool at home requires a lot of patience. Expect struggles and a bunch of tries – it’s completely okay. To aid you on your journey to teach your kids at home, here are the academic skills your preschooler should know by the time she is ready to head into kindergarten. By that time, your child should be able to:

  • name the letters of the alphabet.
  • sit and listen to a book.
  • retell events from a favorite story.
  • draw and write shapes and letters.
  • write his first name.
  • label drawings.
  • tell a story through drawing and/or writing.
  • sort objects.
  • make simple patterns.
  • name shapes.
  • identify numerals 1-10.
  • count to 20.
  • speak clearly and in complete sentences.
  • take turns talking.
  • listen to and follow instructions.
  • identify emotions and feelings.
  • engage in activities for 15 minutes or more.
  • follow rules.
  • play well with others.
  • hold pencils, crayons, and scissors properly.


One of the helpful instructional materials to use at home to train our preschool students are worksheets. Good thing, resources can be made accessible easily by DepEd Commons.

Check out these worksheets designed for beginning learners:

Get our compiled TLM here including worksheets:

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  1. Hello! Thank you for being an alternative source of Dep Ed materials and providing them as well. This is very helpful. I tried the link you provided for the preschool materials but it won’t let me access it. Are there other means of accessing it? Thank you.

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    Pwede po ba magrequest ng copy ng worksheet or workbook for kindergarten 2 and Grade 1.
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    Please send me a copy of worksheet/learning materials for preschool and kindergarten. Thank you so much…

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    Pasend naman po ng worksheet for my upcoming kindergarten, especially math and reading comprehension po. Salamat po.


    Hi! Can I have a copy of learning modules/worksheet for Grade 2 & kindergarten?
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    Please send me a copy of worksheets for Nursery and Kindergarten Thank you in advance …God Bless!!!

    1. Kinly send me a copy of worksheets for my preschool baby. Thanks

      Send me also copy of modules for grade 5 and 6 pupils

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