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Kindergarten Resources Catch up Plans and Activities

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This daily block to time maximizes every single second for providing every five year old children with learning experiences that are instrumental to his/her balanced growth and development as excellent for functionally literate individuals. This ensures that every learner is dynamically and cooperatively involved in all learning experiences blended with a holistic and child-centered approach of teaching.

01 Outline of the 20 week curriculum
02 CatchUpWk 1 with appendix
03 CatchUpWk 2 with appendix
04 CatchUpWk 3 with appendix
05 CatchUpWk 4 with appendix
06 CatchUpWk 5 with appendix
07 CatchUpWk 6 with appendix
08 CatchUpWk 7 with appendix
09 CatchUpWk 8 with appendix
10 CatchUpWk 9 with appendix
11 CatchUpWk 10 with appendix
12 CatchUpWk 11 with appendix
13 CatchUpWk 12 with appendix
14 CatchUpWk 13 with appendix
15 CatchUpWk 14 with appendix
16 CatchUpWk 15 with appendix
17 CatchUpWk 16 with appendix
18 CatchUpWk 17 with appendix
19 CatchUpWk 18 with appendix
20 CatchUpWk 19 with appendix
21 CatchUpWk 20 with appendix

1. Stories for Kindergarten
2. Test Items
3. Child Development Principles
4. Kindergarten Curriculum Guide
5. Kindergarten Legal Mandate
6. Kindergarten Education Act
7. Supporting Language and Literacy for Early Age
8. MTB Kinder
9. Kindergarten Summer Program (KSP): A Strategy to reach more children
10. Hiring Qualifie Kindergarten Volunteers (KVT)
11. Policy  Guidelines in the Implementation of Kindergarten Catch-up Education Program
12. Alphabeth Sounds
13. Math – Language, Math and Thinking
14. DO 74, s. 2009 – Institutionalizing Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MLE)


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