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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be a Teacher

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Teaching is a noble profession, but it is not for everyone. Being a grade school teacher for 27 years, I can’t say that I have earned all the years of experience to back this piece however, it’s always a relief to speak one’s mind frankly and to the point. Let me enumerate the reasons as the title may have caught your attention.

1. A teacher can’t make millions, except on retirement day

A teacher can inch towards promotions after tons of workload on top of the overarching goal of molding the future leaders and movers of our country. But truth be told, financial reward doesn’t come easy. The joy of teaching is to see all her students succeed holistically.

2. Teaching is just one of our hundreds of responsibilities

Being a teacher means being a second parent, brother, sister, a counselor, a chef, a disciplinarian, a sculptor of virtues and even a community organizer and volunteer. Also, the chief interior designer of her classroom. Hence, a teacher is a multi-talented by nature and training.

3.Teaching is not for the weak hearted

Pupils are not always the cute angels with pretty wings. There will be times when your moral values will be put to test inside and outside of the classroom. It will also show the real-world case studies of virtues and vices, heroes and villains. Even the world’s best universities can never prepare you for the challenges that will come along the way. Teaching will bring the best and worst out of you.

4. A teacher doesn’t enjoy long vacations

Vacations are luxury but not for teachers. Other professions comment that teachers get a longer period of personal time due to summer holidays. On the contrary, that is not the case. Teachers spend time working on reports and attending professional development seminars while pupils enjoy time with their families.

5. Teaching is a lifelong learning process

Before teaching, one needs to learn and unlearn methods that will benefit her learners. A teacher doesn’t need to know everything, but she needs to be one page ahead the student. One can never retire from being a learner. Once a teacher, you are always a learner. If learning is not your habit, maybe teaching is not your cup of tea.

This should be a warning label provided in every college applications for those vying to be in the teaching profession.: “Only if you have the purple heart of courage and competence to be teacher, join us”. If you are already a teacher like me, congratulations for being in the best profession that have changed the lives of so many of our students. You are a hero.

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Source: Vizcaya Advocate, Volume LII No. 30, July 24, 2018
Photo: The Filipino Times


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