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New Reading Flashcards

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If you’re working with children, flashcards are an ideal way of stimulating them and making them interested in vocabulary in an engaging way. Children can’t focus like adults do, so you really have to get creative and integrate play into your teaching methods. Otherwise, you won’t get too far.

Flashcards are particularly useful for bilingual or polyglot parents who are trying to introduce a new language to their children. When you prepare your infants to develop their language skills before starting school, they will have an easier time absorbing a new language because they already built a helpful association with flashcard methodology.

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory is common knowledge by now and if you’re a teacher or you’re preparing to become one, then you know that there are indeed many types of learners in a classroom.

We all use different processes to understand the information that is given to us, and that’s why teachers aim to reach all the different types of learners. Flashcards are a great tool for visual learners because they are bright, illustrative and colorful. They make an impact. –

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