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San Juan City public school teachers receive FREE laptops

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Public school teachers in San Juan City were given brand new laptops. City Mayor Francis Zamora spearheaded the distribution of these 375 laptops at the City Gymnasium last Thursday.

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This is in line with #MakabagongSanJuan‘s program for education that guarantees a 1:1 ratio of laptop per public school teacher.

This is an appreciation and honor for the teachers up to the next level. Ito yong mapapa ‘sana all!’ ka. Giving such tools for teaching shows that San Juan City supports not only the teachers but also the student who will be benefited indirectly.

The teachers of San Juan City have expressed their utmost gratitude to their City Government for giving them the tool that they can use in preparing their lesson plans, instructional materials, and alike.

Sana maraming pang lugar ang susunod dito at may kasamang printer na rin.

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