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Student Without a Laptop Found a Way to Make ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ Which Impressed Her Teacher

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In this day and age, doing your homework, project, or class report is a lot easier, thanks to the help of modern technology. Students from the primary level are even given tasks that may require internet access. However, not all students are privileged enough to own a personal computer or a laptop which is essential in doing schoolwork.

Just recently, one male teacher under the handle @Ah_ahmazing shared on Twitter a photo of his student conducting her report while the board was covered with printouts as her makeshift ‘PowerPoint presentation’. The tweet had a caption that read:

“Teacher: Ready your report tomorrow, huh? Powerpoint. Student: Yes, sir. Pero wala po akong laptop, sir. Teacher: Please find a way. Next morning… Salute to this girl. I love you.”

Apparently, the teacher required his students to make a PowerPoint presentation for their reports. One of his students did not own a laptop but found a way to present in front of the class with her ‘PowerPoint’ report. Clearly, their teacher was pretty impressed.

Although the student obviously used a computer to encode her report, it was good that she was able to deliver the so-called PowerPoint presentation in class without any laptop. While finding a way to make the report was impressive, the overall report itself was not.

Many netizens pointed out that the teacher should have lent his student a laptop, to begin with so she didn’t have to spend money and waste resources on printing out the said report. Others also went on reminding the teacher to teach his students first the correct way of reporting which is to summarize and only highlight the important points of the report on the visual aids, not everything that is written on the book.

Some netizens were also quick to judge that the teacher was simply fishing for attention on social media because if he really wanted his students to do the appropriate way of reporting, he should have let them borrow a laptop where they could put their flash drive in and finish what needs to be done.



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