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Tips on making RPMS Portfolio Contents (KRAs, MOVs and Cover Designs)

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How do you gather and organize documents for your RPMS Portfolio?

At the beginning of the school year, you start working to achieve your targets as required by RPMS. You need documents to show that you have done so. The following steps may guide you in gathering and organizing your RPMS document in the corresponding folder or envelope labeled COT Rating Sheet.
1. Review the Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS) Tool appropriate to your level. Teacher I, Teacher II and Teacher III are expected to use the tool for Teacher I-III (Proficient Teachers). Master Teacher I, Master Teacher II, Master Teacher III and Master Teacher IV must use the tool for Master Teacher I-IV (Highly Proficient Teachers). Senior High School teachers shall use the tools corresponding to their current rank/position, regardless of the years in service.
2. Refer to the MOV column for the checklist of the relevant documents needed.Keep relevant documents as they become available throughout the year. For example, after your Principal has observed your class and has given you the COT rating sheet or inter-observer agreement form, keep/ insert the documents.
3. Gather documents required by the tool. Label and organize them accordingly. To prepare your documents in time for the RPMS mid-year review or year-end assessment of your Portfolio, you need to organize documents properly and accurately. In some cases, you gather/keep documents that you may not be able to use in your Portfolio. Follow these steps to ensure that only the required documents go into your Portfolio. Remember that you may have to go back and forth in the process.
i. Match your documents with the objectives, the performance indicators and the MOV.
You may start from Objective 1.
If you are a Teacher II and you hope to achieve a rating of Satisfactory in Objective 1, you need: (i) 2 classroom observation tool rating sheets and/or inter-observer agreement form showing your knowledge of content and its integration within and across curriculum teaching areas with an average rating of 5; and (ii) another MOV to support classroom observation feedback (e.g. lesson plans/ modified DLLs, instructional materials, performance tasks/test materials, or others – all showing your knowledge of content and its integration within and across subject areas). The MOV should also be distributed across two quarters.
ii. Mark your document(s) with the objective(s) where the document(s) may be used as MOV.
You may use a pencil for this. This helps you organize your MOV later on based on objectives.
iii. Use markers to highlight the parts of your MOV that satisfy the requirement of the objectives and the performance indicators. This facilitates the Rater’s evaluation of your documents.
iv. Reproduce the document(s) that may be used as MOV in other objectives. Ensure that the copies are clear.
Remember that one document may be used as MOV or evidence of performance for other objectives. For example, if you are a Teacher II, your COT rating sheet may contain rating or feedback about: (i) knowledge of content (Objective 1); (ii) teaching strategies that develop critical and creative thinking (Objective 3); and (iii) differentiated, developmentally appropriate learning experiences (Objective 6).
v. Put together documents that belong to the same objective. You may bind them together or place them in a folder marked according to objective.
vi. Insert documents in relevant folders as they become available.

4. Put annotation template/document after the annotated MOV. 
Annotations establish a connection between the evidences and the indicators. This helps the Rater facilitate the review of the RPMS Portfolio.

How do you organize your RPMS Portfolio?

Now that you have prepared your documents, you are ready to organize your Portfolio for submission for mid-year review and year-end evaluation.  Follow these steps:

  1. Put together MOV of objectives that are under the same Key Result Area (KRA). Ensure that the MOV are arranged according to the list specified in the tool. MOV 1 should go first followed by other supporting MOV. You may also arrange the MOV based on dates, e.g. from most recent to oldest COT rating sheet and/or inter-observer agreement form.
  2. Use tabs labeled Objective 1, 2, 3 and so on to separate MOV under every objective. Arrange objectives in order (Objective 1, 2, 3 and so on).
  3. Use tabs labeled KRA 1, KRA 2, KRA 3 and so on to separate objectives under each KRA. Arrange KRAs in order (KRA 1, KRA 2, KRA 3 and so on).
  4. Put together all the MOV either in soft bound, ring bound or using a fastener and a folder following this sequence: KRA 1, Objective 1 and its MOV; Objective 2 and its MOV; Objective 3 and its MOV. Do the same thing for KRA 2 through KRA 5.
  5. Prepare a “Table of Contents” in your Portfolio for easy reference. See Figure 2.3.
  6. Provide a cover page in your Portfolio indicating the following: name of your school, name of Principal/Rater and current school year. See Figure 2.4 on the next page.
  7.  Prepare a second copy of your Portfolio for submission to your Rater. Affix your signature on top of your name on the cover page of your Portfolio. The Rater will need the original documents to authenticate the photocopied documents.
Table of Contents 
KRA1- Content Knowledge and Pedagogy
Objective 1: 
MOV1: COT on Solving Two-Step Word Problems
MOV2: Instructional Materials for Solving Two-Step Word Problems
Objective 2:
MOV1: COT in Visualization of Multiplication of Fractions
MOV2: LP in Visualization of Multiplication of Fractions
Keep your portfolio simple. Remember that a neat and well-organized Portfolio facilitates the assessment of your documents.


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