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Updating Enrolment Status of Learners (EOSY Updating)

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At the end of every school year (EOSY), the enrollment status of learners in a school’s registry is updated based on Form 138 or the Learner Progress Report Card. Based on the Form 138, the learner’s enrollment status is determined as any of the following:
a) Promoted when the learner has achieved the necessary competencies to move to the next grade/year level
b) Irregular when the learner will move to the next grade/year level but with the condition that he/she completes remedial classes in the learning areas where desired level of proficiency has not been achieved
c) Retained when the learner has not achieved the necessary competencies to move to the next grade/year level, hence retained in the same grade/year level
d) Dropped Out when the learner has left the school and has not completed the full term in said school for reasons other than transferring to another school.
e) Transferred Out when the learner has transferred to another school within the school year.
Given a specified date for updating the end of school year enrollment status, the system will display the message “EOSY updating is now open”, including special instructions in the LIS Homepage and in the Masterlist page.
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