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WATCH: Marcelito Pomoy sings “Heal the World” a tribute song for COVID-19 victims

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WATCH: Marcelito Pomoy emotionally sings “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson a tribute song for COVID-19 victims.

Some comments,

Yes, that Voice is not just for Entertaining people but it was a gift and its good to Give God Honor through your voice Kuya/Sir Mars… specially in this times… thank you po Kuya/Sir Marcelito… thanks for sharing your voice and telling us that it is only God who we can TRUST THE MOST… by Jaime

Heal the world, heal the people,oh Lord. Make this world a better place to live. Thank you Mr. Marcelito Pomoy, nice rendition of this song. by earetonel

May your prayer be on everyone’s lips and this song be on everyone’s heart. Thank you Marcelito for the prayers and the tribute to the frontliners. It is a “breath of fresh air” in these times when many people stay at home for quarantine; it is an encouragement and a prodding to all to help make this world a better place. It is not only the duty of the health workers nor the government but everyone. Me and my two kids love you and include you in our prayers. Thank you that you gave us another video and song to watch over and over while cooped up at home. They always ask me to check new videos of you. Take care and God bless you and your family. Best regards to Joan. by Joyce cute 3827

I’m actually crying hearing this. Hope that this pandemic would be cleared and eased sooner. Me and my family is always spreading hygiene routine and prevention measures to relatives and friends since the beginning of covid-19 outbreak news. And when we heard that it hit our country we’re relieved that our efforts is not in vain and at least it can make our beloved feels more safe. by franzfurt

We are one with you Marcelito in prayers! Show your support by subscribing and sharing his video.

“Our every simple action can change the world.” – Marcelito Pomoy


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