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10 dark secrets your teachers never tell

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Let’s face it: Teachers are human, too. That said, it means they also have a few dark secrets about their job and their students that the rest of the world is missing out on.

If you are curious enough, we rounded up some of them and guess what? We think you will be shocked to find out about the things that teachers talk about inside the faculty room or during their time off from school.

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#1: Talk about airing dirty laundry. Teachers working with young children almost always hear about the parents’ dirty little secrets. How? Well, Reddit user MineralWaterMike says it all. Two other people, presumably working in the same profession, even gave examples.
#2: Apparently, teachers are not immune to gossips and trash talks, but don’t worry, they don’t love you any less. LMAO!
#3: It’s not a secret that learning is a long, two-way street. Teachers don’t always know everything, yes, but they make sure they know more than the students do, at least.
#4: If you, as students, hate tests, your teachers loathe it much more than you do.
#5: A glimpse at a faculty party. This guy sure did a tell-all. Teachers just love happy hour. Why? According to one teacher, “The kids drive us to drink and the drinking drives us to build relations.”
#6: Some teachers actually make jokes when this kind of situation happens.
#7: Teachers do play favorites, no matter how hard they deny it.
#8: About that paper or essay you spent hours writing, here’s a little secret straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. In fact, some teachers even admit to being sorely tempted to throw away ungraded submissions on occasion.
#9: Believe it or not, some teachers secretly celebrate when certain problem students don’t show up in class for whatever reason.
#10: Deny it all you want, but no teacher has never secretly wondered about other possible jobs where a teaching degree will be useful.

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