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An Igorot teacher’s take on NAS Daily vs Whang-Od’s kin et al.

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Recent controversy sprung when the 29 years old celebrity vlogger Nuseir Yassin, famous for the NAS Daily Facebook page was accused of ‘scamming’ his audiences when his company, NAS Academy opened a masterclass in which the legendary traditional tattoo artist of Kalinga, Whang-Od will be teaching the know-how of her trade.

Gracia Palicas, grandniece of Whang Od wrote on her Facebook post “WARNING! Whang Od Academy is a scam,” on Aug. 4. Palicas said that there’s no contract between Nas Daily and Whang Od to deliver the workshop. NAS Daily, in response to Palicas then posted a Facebook video post showing Whang-Od signing with a contract with her thumbmark. Palicas’ post went viral and it triggered other personalities questioning NAS Daily’s integrity on and off the camera.

It is my intention to share my insights as a classroom teacher. Being a part of a tribal community, it is not my main intention to takes sides or put the blame on anyone as everyone can form their own opinions.

Yet I believe that there are principles in life that we can learn from this situation.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

NAS Daily, in his retort against critics draws ground from the fact that he employs Filipinos in his business. He also mentions loving and cherishing the Filipino people and our country.

Though it was from his previous videos that he mentioned getting an 11 million US dollars (roughly 550,000,000 in Philippine pesos) investment from certain companies and individuals to open the NAS Academy.

Of course, an investment needs to yield returns. NAS Academy needs to perform to yield dividends for his investors.

It’s understandable that NAS Academy really means business – that’s to generate money for his investors by selling classes. Please avoid masking a business model with overly sympathetic words.

2. Do your homework

One Filipino anthologists have pointed out that Whang-Od’s traditional tattoo technique isn’t her own. It’s under the tribal community’s collective ownership. Therefore, free and prior informed consent is needed from the members of the Butbut Tribe where Whang-Od belongs to.

It could be that NAS Daily doesn’t really understand the law that protects the cutural identity and heritage of I.P.s in the Philippines, in this case the Butbut tribe.

His legal team should have done his research since they have prepared a contract. It’s called due diligence.

3. Say sorry when you are wrong

NAS Daily has made a powerful business platform in the internet with social media. He should be given credit for what he has accomplished.

In the classroom, usually the brightest students learn best. Most achieve great things in life. But if there’s one lesson that’s the hardest to teach and learn is humility. It’s a rare commodity.

Indigenous peoples are very gentle and meek. And if they make mistakes, they say, sorry.

I hope it’s the same for everyone – yes, both sides.


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