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WATCH: This kid selling apples will make you cry

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Every once in a while, we’ll come across a video that will tug on our heartstrings and move us to tears.

A video shared by a netizen went viral for its touching scene.

A couple was driving around in their car one evening to a fast-food restaurant when they chanced upon a young boy peddling fruits on the side of the street. Upon rolling down their window and speaking to the boy, they found out that he was actually selling apples.

Wanting to help the poor boy out, they offered to give him money. Typically, street vendors would gladly accept cash.

(Watch Video Below)

“Bakit ayaw mong tumanggap [ng pera]? [Ang] gusto mo pagkain?” the man asked the boy. The couple then proceeded to hand him a hundred peso bill, encouraging him to just take the money as an act of generosity.

(“Why are you refusing money? Do you want food?”)

But instead of taking the money, the couple was gladly offering him, the boy surprised them by politely declining and insisting they purchase the apples he was selling instead.

“Pagkain po dapat, hindi pera,” replied the boy. “Tanggapin niyo na po, kasi po sayang ang pera eh.”

(“It should be food, not money. Please take the apples, because it would be a shame to just give away money.”)

The couple managed to ask the boy to wait so they could buy him food.

The boy’s sweetness and sincerity with not simply accepting money without people receiving a purchase in exchange will truly make you cry.

Watch the tearjerking video here.


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