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Love in the time of corona: Free Learning Materials

Here’s some free open sourced materials that is available for download. It’s printer friendly for offline use.

Instructional Materials, also known as Teaching/Learning Materials ( TLM ), are any collection of materials including animate and inanimate objects and human and non-human resources that a teacher may use in teaching and learning situations to help achieve desired learning objectives. -Wiki

Download FREE Learning Materials below

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 reading materials and so much more
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Photo: Raizy Molleda Bacalaoloyo Pore


173 thoughts on “Love in the time of corona: Free Learning Materials”

    1. Ma. Carmeliza Abad

      Good Morning Teachers Request po Sana ako module for a new beginner student and for Grade 2. Please please. Sana mapansin nyo message ko. Thank you. godbless

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