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Teaching, Sacrificial Nobility

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It is often sad that many people look down on those in the teaching profession as “just a teacher” because they equate the work in terms of monetary compensation. Besides, some detractors do not know the intricacies of the teaching-learning process.

We became permanent teachers because we learned to love the work. We enjoy being with the young people, especially the noisy, active, and clever kids. We love of being with them primarily to teach, to guide and to make them better leaders and citizens of tomorrow. We want to be instrumental in some measure in their success, and to serve the country in a humble way.
Skills and techniques in teaching are indispensable, for a teacher who is tactful, understanding and competent does not feel the tiredness of teaching and mingling with these little angels.
Everyone knows that there is no wealth in teaching. Through my observation, no one got rich in teaching, not unless he had another sources of honest income. But on the other hand, you will agree when I say that good teachers are richly awarded for their selfless service and dedication when they see their pupils learn the values of honesty, self-reliance, God-fearing and later become model leaders of our country. The well-guided future of those young girls and boys are intangible rewards that cannot be exchanged for wealth nor found in the Halls of Fame but for sure, they will change the destiny of our nation.
Let us therefore be proud of being teachers, let us not degrade the profession, and instead think of being on top of all professions. Be courageous in fulfilling our duties and commitments. Let us join together and continue to discharge our noble work for the betterment of our society being dominated by unwanted crimes and violence. Through our concerted efforts and dedication, these young children will change the history of our country in that vision in the 21st Century.


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