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The role of lesson plan preparation in teaching and learning

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Public school teachers would still have to prepare daily lesson logs and plans to ensure quality teaching and learning, the Department of Education said on Monday.

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“The use of a DLL (Daily Lesson Log) supports teachers in upholding quality education standards and helps them plan lessons efficiently and effectively,” the department said in a statement.

The department made the statement following an appeal of Teachers’ Dignity Coalition to stop the implementation of an order on the guidelines on daily lesson preparation for the K to 12 program.

The teachers’ group said the creation of a daily lesson log and detailed lesson plans (DLPs) adds to the long working hours of teachers.

The DepEd said only newly-hired teachers without professional teaching experience are required to prepare DLPs since the practice would help them organize and manage lessons.

“Once the newly-hired teacher obtains a Very Satisfactory or Outstanding rating, they will be allowed to transition to the use of a DLL, which incentivizes them to perform better,” it said.

The department said the use of DLL, which uses a standard template that covers a week’s worth of lessons in a tabular format, supports teachers planning lessons “efficiently and effectively”.

These logs are used by teachers with at least one-year teaching experience, including teachers with prior experience in private schools or higher education institutions.

It added that there is flexibility in the use of DLL since teachers need not go through all parts in one class session as these can be done across the week. (PNA)


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2 thoughts on “The role of lesson plan preparation in teaching and learning”

  1. I think the lesson plan should be written in summary form… The most important here is how the learner’s absorb your teaching… Yes there are teachers are good in making lesson plan but in applying it in the learners the result is not good…

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