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BBM NEw Secretaries

BBM Appoints New Secretaries for Defense and Health Departments

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Get the latest update on the appointment of new secretaries for the Defense and Health Departments. BBM announces the appointment of highly capable individuals to lead these vital sectors. Stay informed about the latest developments in government leadership and their impact on national defense and public health.

Inspiring Teacher

An Inspiring Teacher Passes LET on the 28th Attempt

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Witness the incredible journey of an inspiring teacher who never gave up. After facing numerous challenges, this determined individual passes the LET on their 28th attempt. Be inspired by their unwavering perseverance and the ultimate triumph of their hard work and dedication.

June opening of classes

Ilocos Sur Rep Proposes June Opening of Classes

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Ilocos Sur Representative proposes a bill to restore the traditional June opening of classes. Explore the potential impacts on education and student welfare, as this legislative proposal aims to reshape the academic calendar. Stay informed on the potential benefits and challenges surrounding this important educational reform.

DepEd Enrollment Target

Update! DepEd Enrollment Target for SY 2023-2024

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DepEd sets an enrollment target for School Year 2023-2024, aiming to accommodate a specific number of learners. Discover the plans and preparations in place to ensure a smooth enrollment process and a successful academic year ahead.

Teacher Teaching using a laptop for the blended learning

DepEd Eyes Blended Learning as Solution to Lack of Classroom

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The Department of Education (DepEd) acknowledges the challenge of limited classrooms, and believes that blended learning is the key to overcoming this obstacle. By incorporating both traditional and online education methods, we can ensure that all students have continuous and accessible learning opportunities.